What size am I? How to measure your BurdaStyle size

One of the first things you’ll notice about BurdaStyle patterns is the European sizing. But even if you’re a old hand at shopping in Milan and Paris and know your European dress size like the back of your hand (or like the rest of us have just Googled a quick conversion chart), this isn’t enough information for you to start cutting!

BurdaStyle pattern sizes differ from retail pattern sizes and the UK equivalents are only ever a rough guide. The first step is to download the BurdaStyle size chart relevant to you.

  • If you’re of average height (between 168–176cm) the regular size chart is your starting place.
  • If you are between 160–167cm you’ll need the petite size chart – the only thing that differentiates these sizes from the regular sizes is the length.

As you’ll see on the size chart, you can find your UK size and the corresponding BurdaStyle size. However, this is not still not sufficient to be sure of the size. The only way you can be certain that your pattern is going to fit is by taking exact body measurements.

How to take your body measurements

First, download our cut-out-and-keep body measurements card. Next find a friend willing to help and a measuring tape.

burdastyle measurements cardTake the following measurements to the nearest centimetre.

  1. Height
  2. Bust
  3. Waist
  4. Hips
  5. Back length
  6. Sleeve length
  7. Neck width
  8. Side leg length
  9. Front waist length
  10. Bust point
  11. Upper arm circumference

There is a knack to taking all these measurements and it is really important that you get them right. Luckily we’ve prepared this quick step-by-step guide that you can view online or download to help you.

Record all the measurements on your card. Then come back to your size chart and mark where your measurements fall on the chart.

Burda Style body measurements chart

Now that you have marked off all your sizes, unless you are a miracle of nature, you will probably have a few marks which don’t fall on the same size. These are your Burda sizes, you may be mainly a 42 with one mark that is a 44 and another that’s a 40. If this is the case you will have to adjust between the sizes on the pattern itself to get that perfect fit!

2 thoughts on “What size am I? How to measure your BurdaStyle size

  1. Yolanda Newsome

    I’m small in the top, bust 36 A, but my hips are 37. I’m never sure when cutting my fabric, so I make the first try in muslin but that is the long way. How can I learn to find my right size? I use size 12 for the top and 14 for the skirt but sometimes the garment does not fit me right.
    Thank you for your advise,


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