When To Use Quilting Cotton Fabrics For Dressmaking?

Here at BurdaStyle, we sell predominantly 100% high-quality medium-weight cotton fabric, which is perfect for all of your general sewing projects. You can use these quilting cotton fabrics for dressmaking too, but it’s worth knowing a few key rules when choosing fabrics for your garments.

Quilting cotton fabrics are fairly rigid, so they won’t work for all types of garment. Where the garment requires more structure, medium-weight cotton fabrics are perfect, such as smart dresses and skirts. Where movement is needed in the garment, however, quilting cotton fabrics are less suitable, as they aren’t as flexible enough for arms or legs to move comfortably.

Cotton is one of the simplest fabrics to sew with, so it’s great for beginners. Pick an easy pattern and your favourite cotton fabric and you can make a basic skirt in no time!

Be inspired to use quilting cotton fabrics for dressmaking…

quilting cotton fabrics for dressmakingdress to make with cotton fabric

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2 thoughts on “When To Use Quilting Cotton Fabrics For Dressmaking?

  1. Anita Rippon

    I would like to make a winter dressing gown from quilted cotton. I am still wearing one I made some years ago from double-sided quilted cotton, navy on one side and white and blue pattern on the other, It is warm and comfortable but beginning to look a bit worn at the edges. Where can I buy pretty warm quilted cloth like this, preferably in London.

    1. Rosie Johns

      Hi Anita,
      I’m afraid as we’re not based in London I can’t really advise you on where to shop!
      We sell a lot of quilt weight cotton in our store if that suits you:

      But if you are looking for ready-quilted fabric then I’m afraid we don’t stock it. However, if you Google search ‘buy quilted cotton fabric’ it brings up a number of UK sites where you can buy it online, e.g. https://www.myfabrics.co.uk/quilted-fabrics.html

      I hope you find what you’re looking for!


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