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Cutting-Edge Fashion IllustrationIf you are a budding fashion illustrator and want to learn how to turn your hand-drawn artworks into digital masterpieces for use in print or on the web, then you’ll love the new Creative University online course by Erica Sharp!

Leading fashion illustrator Erica Sharp specializes in fashion, beauty and lifestyle illustration. She has worked for numerous magazines including Company, Scarlet and Cooler, and worked on books such as The Big Book of Fashion Illustration, and events such as Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and The Good Fashion Show.

Erica Sharp has worked with Creative University to put together the Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration online course. Combining the most up-to-date digital techniques with ultra-modern and ‘London cool’ creativity, Erica will impart the knowledge you need to attract agencies and magazines to your work.

What to expect

There are 6 lessons with video tutorials where Erica guides you through each technique using Adobe Photoshop. You’ll learn the basics of converting your hand-drawn illustrations into digital format before moving on to more complex techniques such as:

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

  • Retouching complicated details
  • Converting illustrations into line drawings
  • Creating Paths to add colour quickly and precisely
  • Using fabric elements to add texture and volume
  • Creating photomontages and adding digital colour
  • Creating and applying repeat patterns

How it works

It’s a self-paced course which means you’ll have access to the course materials and can flexibly complete the course, choosing when you learn. You’ll have access to student forums and other ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas to share ideas and inspiration with others on the course. The course is suitable for beginners, however, you must have access to Adobe Photoshop in order to complete the course. The tutorials have been created used Adobe Photoshop CS6, but can equally be applied to earlier versions.


Here are a handful of images showcasing some of the techniques taught on the course. So, if you want to kick start your fashion illustration career, book your place on the Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration online course today! For more information on courses run by Creative University, visit their website.

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

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