Great British Sewing Bee | Episode 4

It was international week this week on the Sewing Bee with us in fabric heaven and awe throughout the entire episode. It was an hour full of Joyce showing her rebellious side and Patrick admitting he would like to wear a pair of purple, semi see-through harem pants…

Let’s see what happened shall we?


The first challenge was to create a Chinese Qipao-style top, which featured an asymmetrical neckline, a fiddly hidden zip and a mandarin collar. If all that wasn’t enough for the remaining seven contestants to contend with, they also had to use brocade, which is notorious for fraying. Were they in for an easy ride? I’m a frayed not!

After sewing the binding to the outside of her garment instead of the inside, Joyce decided that she preferred it like that and kept it that way, choosing to create her own unique take on the brief. This landed her in 7th place for the first task. Tracey on the other hand, was quick to finish her garment and once again had time for a cup of tea before the task ended. Her garment was the judges’ favourite and Patrick couldn’t fault it and so Tracey took the top spot.

It was Josh who stole our hearts in the first task however, finally being top of the pack with his beautiful garment after weeks of being at the bottom.

Tracey E4C1

If you fancy making a Chinese inspired number try out Burda pattern B6830

The alteration task saw more beautiful, but tricky fabric. With yards and yards of embroidered georgette from a sari to play with, they had to create a garment that was of eastern style. It was harem pants galore with Charlotte, Josh, Joyce and Jade all making variations of them. Josh also chose to make a top with his fabric and Rumana made a beautiful long dress with a bordered panel down the front.

Patrick was ‘absolutely delighted’ with the sewers creations and said they looked ‘genuinely fantastic’ so it was a good start for the contestants. Tracey once again took the top spot impressing the judges with her dress which featured large sleeves and a necklace style detailing. Jade got into trouble when her trousers didn’t fit the mannequin and had to add an extra panel to make them fit. However the panel wasn’t fitted correctly and this landed Jade in the bottom spot.

Charlotte E4C2

It was Charlotte’s trousers that got the best reaction from the judges with Patrick expressing his desire to wear a pair very similar to them. This is something we would like to see!

We have a number of harem pant patterns for you to try out:

The final challenge was my absolute favourite of the series so far. The sewers had to create a West African inspired dress using wax print fabric. The fabric was just so gorgeous and everyone’s garments were bold and stunning.

Having been top of the leader board the day before, Tracey didn’t quite hit the mark in the made-to-measure challenge, as her garment didn’t fit the model. Angeline made another sexy number which Esme was quick to comment on and Rumana’s stunning garment made Esme point out that ‘There’s quite a saucy bit on this. You can see a tiny bit of bosom!’ Patrick thought her garment looked like something from another planet but we LOVED it. Inter-planetary Sewing Bee next year?

Garment of the week E4C3

It was the ‘infuriating Joyce’, as Patrick lovingly called her, which took garment of the week with her beautiful garment. Sadly, despite his impressive first day, it was Josh who had to go home this week.

His leaving speech left me holding back tears as he said he probably wouldn’t of gotten through the first week had it not been for the help of the other sewers. We wish Josh the best of luck on his future sewing projects, we know he will do great.

Come back next week for all the highlights for 1960’s week in the Sewing Bee studio and catch us on Twitter for live updates during the show and for the ever-terrifying ‘Chart of Doom’.




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