Great British Sewing Bee | Episode 2

It was all about children’s wear in the Great British Sewing Bee Studio this week, but smaller garments don’t mean easier garments and it saw a roller-coaster of emotions and the word gusset mentioned more times than we care to think. Let’s take a look at what happened.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. 

Some of the contestants, such as Josh, had not made children’s clothes before, but others, such as Jade, were seasoned professionals at it. Picking jersey, another tricky fabric to sew with, they got to work, with Esme and Patrick explaining that the gusset will be a hard part to sew because of the curves.

Great British Sewing Bee

Photo credit: @QuadrilleCraft

All the babygro’s looked incredibly cute, however, Ghislaine had a hell of an issue with her baby grow. It had a wonky gusset and one of the legs was sewn inside out, which saw her take the 9th spot. Charlotte took the top spot with Patrick calling her garment ‘spectacular’.

You can try making your own baby grow using Burda Pattern #145

The next challenge was chiffon galore, with contestants required to make an imaginative garment using a bridesmaid dress. After Esme’s comments last week, it was clear contestants were upping their game and making some imaginative garments. Angeline  made some sort of mermaid garment and Tracey made a ‘forest fairy’ dress – lovingly named by Claudia.

Great British Sewing Bee Challenge 2

There were a lot of pretty dresses in the final line-up, but Ghislaine and Josh were the only two who went for boys’ clothes. Josh made a bomber jacket, which unfortunately didn’t fit the mannequin, landing him in the bottom spot. Ghislaine made an orange boxing number which fared much better and she took the top spot.

You can make lots of these patterns yourself:

The made-to-measure challenge was capes! All the contestants designs just looked stunning, capes have a sense of nostalgia of an era gone by and they are just fabulous. They are deceptively hard to make and a few of the garments came to the judges with buttons missing and bits not finished.

Esme didn’t hold back again this week exclaiming that the bow on the back of Rumana’s cape looked like a dog biscuit! Ouch.

Great British Sewing Bee made-to-measure

Angeline, after a disastrous day the day before, pulled it back with an incredibly cute cape with a large bow and tartan detailing. Holding on by the tip of her fingers she took garment of the week for the 2nd week in a row, securing her spot on next week’s show.

After a tough couple of days it was unfortunately time to say goodbye to Ghislaine. As we move through the weeks, it becomes harder to say goodbye to the contestants, and we wish her all the best.

If this week’s Great British Sewing Bee  has inspired you to make your own cape, you can find some patterns here:

Come back next week for all the latest Sewing Bee news and patterns you can make from the show. Send us pictures on the comments below, on Twitter and on Facebook.


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