Great British Sewing Bee | Episode 3

It was Lingerie week in the Great British Sewing Bee studio, and it was a week we learnt a lot about the contestants. For example, Josh never looks at a bra for long and Charlotte is a bra-making pro. Never has so little fabric caused so much of a panic, but when everything looked like it was going ‘tits up’ the contestants pulled it out of the bag to create some really beautiful garments.

Warning: This post contains spoilers. 

The first challenge was to make a lace bra, simple you might think, not much fabric, what can go wrong? Well, quite a bit in the end. We saw twisted straps, uneven cups, gathered backs and unfortunately for Angeline an unfinished bra. With a two-week high under her belt, it was sad to see her finish 8th for the first challenge, but Charlotte, who had made a bra before, as she hated trying them on at the shop, showed her skill with a beautiful fitted bra. Well done Charlotte.

You can try your hand at making your own bra with matching knickers using this Burda pattern #102

Sewing Bee Episode 3 C1

The second challenge was a good one. Contestants were asked to make a piece of lingerie using three silk charity shop bought scarves. There were a lot of Cami’s being made. Jamie was daring as ever and chose to make a pair of girls’ boxer shorts, Josh made… something, we aren’t too sure what and Jade made a vest top. We think, given the task and the time frame, all the contestants gave it a really good shot. Unfortunately Josh’s creation landed him the bottom spot with Esme, blunt as ever, calling it a dog’s dinner. Top spot went to Tracey, who used godets to create a lovely little cami.

If you would like to have a go at making some lingerie we have a number of patterns available:

Sewing Bee Episode 3 c2

The final challenge was to create a luxurious robe. Rumana chose  to make a kimono inspired robe, which as Esme pointed out showed off a ladies erogenous zone – Saucy! Angeline made a beautiful vintage inspired long gown with lace detailing, Jamie chose to making a quilted smoking jacket and there were some lovely men’s robes in there too. We particularly loved Jade’s bold design.

If you fancy making your own robe at home we have a number of patterns and kits for that luxury feeling.



Sadly, it was the turn of Jamie to leave the Sewing Bee this week. We have loved how daring he has been week after week, pushing the brief to the limit to try and create a garment that is beautiful and that stand out. He will be missed very much.

Garment of the week this week has been taken from Angeline, and gone to Charlotte who made a beautiful floral robe. Well done Charlotte a well deserved garment of the week.

Charlotte Robe

If you have gone lingerie mad this week we also have something that we think you will LOVE! It a new book from the lovely ladies at Flo-Jo Boutique called Knickers! Which features six beautiful knicker patterns for everyone to create.

If you make any of our designs let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook or on our Twitter.

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