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So we’re in week 4 and it’s Structure Week! The judges want to see how the contestants tackle the challenge of creating garments which require structural techniques including boning and pleating. Tough!

First up it was corsets.  The plucky sewers gave it their best shot and May and Patrick were seriously impressed with their efforts. Deborah and Matt chose a softer fabric with more drape which was less forgiving – we’d recommend using a heavy fabric such as upholstery fabrics or brocade, which are strong and won’t stretch or wrinkle.

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The deserving winner of the corset round was, drum roll, Neil. The precision of constructing a corset – at one point he referred to it as “… pure engineering” – played to his strengths and he constructed this amazing corset. He was commended for the even casings, his spot-on top stitching and his choice of fabric – his winning corset is pictured below.

if you feel like taking up the challenge we’ve got a FREE corset pattern for you to try here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.00.51


Next up the judges wheeled out some truly horrific eighties suits for the ‘transformation’ challenge. We all winced slightly as we heard Ryan say that the suits were older than he is! Once again Neil came out on top with an incredibly well fitted shift dress made from a truly appalling cerise pink suit. Go Neil!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.08.13

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.11.32The third and final challenge this week was to make a kilt. All the contestants did incredibly well considering it was such as difficult challenge. They made great efforts to check that their pleats were exact – Neil even hand sewed his!

Sadly, Amanda ran out of time again and it was this that led to her being the fourth contestant to leave the competition.

The other stitcher we said ‘sew long’ to (sorry!)  was (shock, horror) Ryan!! We know! He did vow to see Patrick Grant on Saville Row in four years’ time and we believe him.

Ooh, and before we forget, the Garment of the Week was Neil’s kilt – a hat trick for Neil!Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.38.12






Fabric ManipulationIf you’d like learn more about structuring techniques The New Art of Fabric Manipulation has over 150 techniques for pleats, gathers, puckers, ruffles and much more. Get your copy here.

Don’t forget our competition to win an Overlocker – details below.

Happy Sewing!






Overlocker Competition (Burda)

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