Great British Sewing Bee | Episode 5

This week in the Great British Sewing Bee the sewers went back in time to the golden age of home sewing, the swinging sixties. It was full of vintage sewing machines, shift dresses, some interesting PVC creations and an iconic sixties coat.

Let’s take a look at what happened shall we?

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The first challenge saw the contestants tasked with creating the iconic shift dress with colour blocking. It may look simple, but it is made up of 14 pattern pieces, so it is basically a jigsaw. After last week’s rebellious streak, Joyce vowed to follow everything by the book. Jade however, decided that in the colour block challenge she would use only monochrome colours and Joyce was full of nostalgia letting everyone know the sixties were full of ‘Sex, drugs and rock and roll!’

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 08.49.27

Yves Saint Laurent, who created this iconic dress, not only sold the complete garment to the few  who could afford haute couture, he also released the pattern; making this dress accessible to the masses. All we can say is thank you.

Angeline mirrored her pattern, which meant her dress, although sewn really well, was not what Patrick & Esme asked for. Charlotte’s dress impressed the judges who said her time spent planning the colours before sewing the pattern paid off. It was Joyce however who took the top spot. She said ‘she is a sixties girl and remembers those dresses’; this may of worked in her favour.

You can make the classic sixties shift dress using Burda pattern B7056.

In the alteration challenge contestants had to alter a PVC raincoat, groovy! Some of the coats were see through, some weren’t but they were all equally very, very plastic! There were some really interesting creations being made. Angeline made a cut out dress which would require a roll of tit tape to secure and Jade made a lilac see through PVC crop top. Of course!

Sewing Bee E5C2

Tracey made arguably the most sixties inspired dress with the iconic target pattern in her garment. Joyce once again impressed with Patrick saying her garment had a nerdy sailors look to it, which I am sure is the look she was going for. This meant Joyce took the top spot, although she couldn’t see why as she hated her outfit! Unfortunately for Angeline, she took the bottom spot, with the judges unsure about how the garment would keep ones modesty in tact.

For the made-to-measure challenge the sewers had to create an iconic jacket. They were allowed to cut their pattern pieces at home for this task and had 6 and a half hours to complete it.

Charlotte chose to make a Jackie Kennedy inspired boxy jacket, which we happen to have a pattern for and Rumana made an Audrey Hepburn inspired A-line coat. Angeline created a bright orange jacket inspired by the late swinging sixties. It featured paisley detailing in the collar and buttons, bright orange fur and patch pockets.

The lining of the jackets proved to be a tough feat, using the ‘backing out’ method where you sew the lining to the body of the coat inside out and then pull it the right way out. This is the point where you can see if the jacket pattern has worked or not. Eek! All the contestants ‘gave birth’ to beautiful jackets and some turned out well, others not so well, however it was a magical time for all the contestants.

Patrick and Esme really loved Jades jacket, although the design was quite simple, it was executed perfectly with everything pattern matched, including the buttons. Patrick called it exceptional, and that it was. This got her garment of the week.

Sewing Bee E5C3

Sadly, it was Angeline who had to leave the Sewing Bee this week. We are so sad to see her go; she has been nothing short of fantastic through-out the series.

Burda Vintage specialIf you have watched this week’s Sewing Bee and want to create your own swinging sixties inspired wardrobe you can do so with our vintage magazine special. Inside are patterns including a PVC costume, if you want to recreate the alteration challenge, a Chelsea day dress, a future space dress and many more.

Come back next week for all the highlights of active wear week in the Sewing Bee studio and catch us on Twitter for live updates during the show and for the ever-terrifying ‘Chart of Doom’.

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