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Erica SharpJoining us on the blog today is Erica Sharp, a top fashion and lifestyle illustrator and the author of new book, Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration

“The type of illustration I do is mainly for magazines and books. I have always loved to draw figures and people; this has always been one of my strong points. Much of my work during my illustration degree course was focused around people, and I loved life drawing. During the final year of my degree, my style developed in quite a feminine way, and I started to experiment with screenprinting on fabrics, which I then appliqued together in layers. This really was the start of my interest in fashion illustration and I became more and more inspired by this style and way of working.

Since leaving university I have been fortunate enough to work on a range of different projects; from t-shirt illustrations for a Japanese fashion brand to horoscope illustrations for Company magazine, and illustrations for an action sports book for women. The work I have received has been varied and challenging, and I have learned a lot from doing every one of these projects. I also teach visual arts and run creative workshops, and my illustration background greatly inspires the type of work that I do with the people that I teach.

Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration was created as a source of inspiration for readers who are aspiring fashion illustrators or designers. As well as this, it provides step-by-step tutorials on how to create different styles and effects in Photoshop by combining hand drawn elements, mixed media and digital components with drawing. The book starts off with an overview of Photoshop, its layout, and the tools and commands. The first tutorials cover fundamental skills in Photoshop, like scanning, cleaning up, retouching and adjusting colours in a scanned image. The chapters then progress to applying digital colour, to more experimental techniques, such as applying scanned and hand painted elements.

I have also created an online course, which has been designed to work through alongside the book. The video tutorials cover some of the key styles illustrated in the book, and demonstrate each step involved in creating different types of fashion illustration. Please take a look at my video to learn more about my work, and see some sneak peeks of the book and online course.”

Pick up your copy of Erica’s book, Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration, or register for the online course today to learn a range of new skills and transform your fashion illustrations. To learn more about Erica Sharp, visit her website at:

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