The History of BurdaStyle

BurdaStyle has a long and fascinating history that begins at the end of the 19th century and is still thriving at the beginning of the 21st…

In 1898, Franz Burda I founded a printing facility in Offenburg, Munich, Germany. The company expanded over the next 40 years before a brief hiatus during World War II when the presses were used to print maps for the German army.

In 1949, Franz Burda II (son of Franz Burda I) and his wife Aenne Burda (née Lemminger) helped to expand the family business into women’s magazines. Aenne launched Favorit magazine that year, and by the following year the magazine had been renamed Burda Moden and had a circulation of 100,000!

burda moden 1950

Burda Moden magazine, circa 1950

In 1952 the magazine started to include dressmaking patterns, which saw its popularity soar across Europe. Burda Moden’s focus on sewing made fashion accessible to every woman, regardless of location and income. With access to fabric and a sewing machine, you could live in remote rural areas but still dress like women in the big cities.


“My aim is to put together practical fashions at an affordable price that can be worn by the largest possible number of women.” – Aenne Burda

In 1987 Burda Moden became the first women’s glossy magazine to be published in the Soviet Union. In 1994 it became the first Western women’s magazine to be published in China.

Today, Burda Moden has become burda style and is published by Hubert Burda Media, a continuation of the family business owned by Aenne’s son Hubert. Hubert Burda Media is a leading publisher in magazine media and transactional digital media and currently publishes 230 magazines internationally. burda style magazine is now published in 17 different languages, appearing in over 99 countries – primarily in central and eastern Europe as well as Asia – and has a monthly readership of over 4 million enthusiastic sewers.


burda style magazine today

In 2007, that enormous community of sewers was taken online with the creation of A place to share, learn and grow — both technically and creatively – is the largest sewing community online with over 850,000 members and over 7 million page views each month, and growing.

BurdaStyle community

BurdaStyle community

Bringing us bang-up-to-date, in 2013, in partnership with F+W Media International, BurdaStyle was extended further with a dedicated UK business, Which is where our story begins…

But what’s your history with BurdaStyle? Have you been a magazine subscriber and Burda pattern sewer since, like, forever? Or is this is your first experience of the Burda brand? Let us know your personal connection with BurdaStyle in the comments below!

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