How to Create a Beehive Hairstyle | Easy Hair Tutorial


Create a Beehive Hairstyle: 11 easy steps

How to Create a Beehive Hairstyle

The beehive updo is relatively straightforward to attempt yourself but is perhaps easier if you have another pair of hands to help you. Make sure your hair is clean and brushed through. Heat your tongs to the correct temperature for your hair type, which will vary according to the thickness of your hair.

You will need: rat-tail comb, boar bristle hairbrush, large and small curl clips, hairgrips (Kirby grips), hairspray and heated tongs.

Follow these 11 easy steps to create a beehive hairstyle:

create a beehive hairstyle - 11 steps

1. Divide the hair into three sections – the first from ear to ear over the crown and two smaller sections at either side of the head. Using large curl clips, secure each section out of the way until needed later (see picture 1).

2. Release the back section of hair and taking small amounts, brush it straight and spray with hairspray.

Carefully curl this section and secure it in place using a small curl clip (2). Repeat this process until the whole back section is set into curls (3). You could leave your hair straight at the back, but the soft curls give it a little more body, which balances nicely with the beehive shape.

3. Next take each side section in turn and repeat the curling process as in step 2. Ensure these curls are rolled facing away from the fringe or forehead (4).

4. After about ten minutes, release the back section of curls and brush with a boar bristle brush or loosen with your fingers (5), depending on the look you would like to achieve and how well your hair type will hold a curl.

5. Release the remaining set curls at the front of the head from their clips. Hold each curl vertically (this is where a second pair of hands comes in handy), spray the roots of the hair with a little hairspray and comb from about 5cm (2in) down towards the scalp, ensuring the backcombing is pushed firmly down to the roots (6).

Work your way around this section until each curl has been released and backcombed. Start with the top section and then gently do the sides and blend them in. Don’t be alarmed if your hair looks pretty unruly at this stage – all will be well I assure you. Once complete, gently brush the hair into place creating the shape that you want using your boar bristle brush. Only brush the outside of your ‘structure’ to avoid undoing all your backcombing (7).

6. Now you have smoothed and sprayed lightly with hairspray and have the shape you like, pull the hair into a ponytail at the back (8). Twist the ponytail neatly and pin securely with hairgrips (9). Fix the pin firmly by pushing it through from one side, turning it back on itself and securing (10). Comb the fringe into place to finish (11).

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I hope you enjoy learning to create a beehive hairstyle! I’m sure your hair will be looking beautifully retro in no time at all. And if you need the perfect vintage outfit to go with your new look, then be sure to check out the Back to Basics Vintage collection, our Vintage Patterns section, our 1940s Style Edit and also our beautiful range of Vintage paper patterns.






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