With approximately 60 multi-sized patterns in each issue burda style magazine is truly a great value for anyone who sews!

Each monthly issue includes patterns for all featured styles, including plus sizes and children’s patterns. Take advantage of other awesome regular features which include All Styles at a Glance, measurement guides, sewing courses, step-by-step instructions, size charts and DIY projects. Each pattern comes in inches and centimetres as well as with contour lines for various sizes which run parallel to each other, making it easy to switch sizes from bust to hip.

Patterns are rated for different levels of sewing expertise:

  • Quick and easy, great for beginners
  • Easy to sew, with simple features
  • Easy to sew, but more time-consuming
  • Easy to intermediate level
  • Intermediate difficulty, for advanced learners
  • Advanced level sewing, with special features
  • Challenging, detailed and time-consuming, for pros

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