Darn Good Ideas… | Mend and Make Fabulous

If you still have some pesky items lying in the back of the wardrobe with some offensive holes or fraying edges, it’s time to get them out and bring them back to life with the handy techniques in Mend and Make Fabulous.

Mend and Make FabulousAnd it isn’t just fixing holes, either. Mend and Make Fabulous offers you a wide variety of techniques that can give old clothes new life. Torn seams and unravelling buttonholes will be a thing of the past with this clever book, as each chapter offers a comprehensive list of mending techniques for an array of clothing mishaps. Each technique is hugely versatile, with tips for how they apply to different fabrics and a range of options, from quick and easy fixes to more involved creative techniques.

The best thing about this book, however, isn’t just the speedy, quick fixes but the brilliant end-of-chapter tutorials, which suggest ways of giving your old clothing a fresh, fabulous look! Learn how to add lace, ruffles and beading to your unloved clothing to give it a new lease of life! This is particularly useful if you have an expensive party dress that had the misfortune of being subjected to a tear or other mishap; using Mend and Make Fabulous it can easily be repaired with minimal fuss and at the same time embellished with some cute lace or contrasting ribbon to make it look even better than brand new!

Mend and Make Fabulous is an essential book for every dressmaker – and it’ll save some of your old favourite garments from the bin too. So, pick up your copy of Mend and Make Fabulous today and be inspired by these stylish sewing solutions!

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