Which Colour? | Pantone Fashion Colours for Spring 2014

So you’ve found the perfect pattern, but can’t decide which fabric to use? Well… don’t fret, because here are a few colour suggestions from the experts at Pantone to inspire your choice!

Designers have taken a modern twist on the traditional colour palette for Spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colourful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blossoming flowers, exotic holidays, and strong, confident women, designers have used colour to refresh and revive our wardrobes for the season! For women, the Pantone fashion colours for Spring 2014 combine cool pastels like Placid Blue and Hemlock with warm brights like Cayenne and Freesia. Choose your favourite shades and try teaming these colours together for a really strong look:

Pantone Fashion Colours for Spring 2014 - Women's Fashion

The palette for men’s fashion is similar, but a couple of colours have been replaced with darker shades. The pastel mint-green Hemlock has been swapped with the masculine Comfrey, and the purple and pink shades have been replaced with stronger colours for more impact:

Pantone Fashion Colours for Spring 2014 - Men's Fashion

If your pattern demands 100% cotton fabric, try one of these designs for a fab look this spring:

Valori Wells Karavan-Bangle-Ruby FabricAmy Butler Lark-Souvenir-Lemon FabricTula Pink Birds & Bees - Little Bits - Mist FabricAmy Butler Soul Blossoms - Disco Flower - Tangerine FabricTula Pink-Salt Water-Floaties And Sinkies-Coral Fabric Amy Butler Lark-Heirloom-Jade Fabric











If you haven’t already chosen a garment to create, check out our Spring/Summer 2014 patterns on Pinterest, and don’t miss our top 10 dress patterns for spring 2014. Don’t forget to share photos of your completed spring and summer garments with us on Facebook and Twitter too!

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