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Create your own capsule wardrobe with the selection of modern sewing patterns inside new book, The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking

Beginner's Guide To DressmakingFancy a new top for work… or a dress for that party next weekend… or maybe even a trendy jacket for the cooler weather? Forget searching for the perfect pattern, because you’ll find everything you need inside The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking! There may only be six basic patterns in the book, but there are endless tips and techniques for personalising them – the image opposite shows just some of the variations you can create from each design.

These timeless garments can be created in fabrics of your choice and can be adapted to suit your individual style – so they’ll never feel dated or dull. The simple T-shirt pattern is a classic shape that suits all body types and is easy to sew. There are different skirt patterns to try (and of course you can alter the length), as well as some comfy, and super-simple, trousers.

Once you’ve made those items (or if you’re already an experienced dressmaker), you’re ready to sew a beautiful dress or a stylish jacket. You can add sleeves and collars to the shift dress and customise it with patch pockets and other embellishments too. The jacket has an unusual, quirky side zip, and you can make it really unique with your colour choices.

So many techniques are covered in The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking that, by the time you’ve finished with it, you’ll be a dressmaking pro ready to try any pattern in the BurdaStyle UK store! The designs in the book cover every type of garment that you might want to have a go at, so it’s a great investment if you’re new to making clothes. Experimenting with different types of fabric, different prints and colours, you’ll be able to recreate these garments for each season to easily refresh your wardrobe on a budget.

Order your copy of The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking before November and receive the PDF eBook for free to download and start reading instantly. Whatever you’re making, don’t forget to share photos of your creations with us on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest!

Beginner's Guide To Dressmaking

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