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The Fashion Design Workbook is great for budding fashion designers, packed with easy-to-follow drawing techniques. Written following the basic principle that nobody’s personal fashion is the same, this book provides you with fourteen of fashion’s most well-known styles to dabble in.

The Fashion Design Workbook The Fashion Design Workbook The Fashion Design WorkbookStarting out with a ‘How to Draw’ guide, The Fashion Design Workbook steadily builds your design skills and eye for fashion in stages. It gets you started with the basics by showing you how to draw a standard base mannequin, with some handy tips on posture, poise and pose. Helpful hints and tips about pencil strokes and proportions crop up across the page, so you’re coached into designing clothing on a would-be human instead of hastily scrawled stick-figures!

What’s really great about this book is the fourteen different chapters on how to draw different well-known fashion styles. From ‘Casual’ to ‘Bohemian’, ‘Romantic’ to ‘Rock Chick’ and ‘Grunge’ to ‘Goth’, writer Annabel Benilan notes that fashion designers take inspiration from a range of elements, and the variety offered in this book will really help you to develop your own sense of fashion. There are some intelligent, useful tips for drawing tricky materials and embellishments like fur and diamante too!

Each chapter offers helpful comments on the history of the style, the basics of the look and a break-down of the patterns and shapes involved. Information is conveyed in easily-digestible chunks that don’t detract from the cool aesthetics of each page. This is a book that you won’t want to put down as you browse all of the new techniques and activities to try!

The Fashion Design Workbook is a definite must-have for aspiring fashion designers and a great way to start thinking about fashion and style more deeply. Buy your copy of The Fashion Design Workbook today and start sketching!

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